• Beaver Brook Pediatrics is NOT testing for coronavirus.​  Please do not come to our office if you think you or your child has coronavirus.​​​ We do not have the testing equipment.

  • If your child has known exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (exposure means that they were within 6 feet of that person for more than 15 minutes) or they are showing symptoms, call our office and we can direct you where to go for testing.

  • If your child is experiencing fever and cough or "flu-like" symptoms and is not having shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, dehydration or any other severe symptoms the current recommendation is to get tested, stay at home and isolate within the house as much as possible until it has been 72 hours since the last fever (with no fever-reducer) AND 10 days since onset of symptoms.  Family members should also stay at home.  

  • Avoid bringing your child to an emergency room or urgent care for minor issues.  The risk of spread of COVID-19 at hospitals and urgent cares is high and medical staff are caring for very sick people. Only use them when unavoidable for severe illness. We recommend that you call us first to discuss symptoms. 

  • WHO advice on care of person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at home

  • CDC advice on care of person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at home

  • Handout from Newton Wellesley Hospital on care of a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at home


  • Some children may be experiencing sadness, depression, anxiety, or fear during this time.  The disruption to their everyday schedule is difficult. The knowledge that they or their loved ones may be in danger is scary.  If your child seems to be having difficulty, feel free to reach out to us.  Here are some sources for more information and some tools that may offer help.



Updated 6/4/20
We understand how concerned families are about coronavirus.  Here is some guidance.


  • Practice social distancing. Do not engage in playdates, gatherings or outings.  Do not visit with extended family, especially grandparents and elderly relatives.  Schools are closed to allow "social distancing" (keeping people away from each other).  Stay home and limit your time in the community to only essential trips. 

  • When you are in the community and unable to stay 6 feet away from others, be sure to wear a mask.  Masks are required for all people over 2 years of age. Masking children under 2 years old can be a suffocation risk and is not recommended.

  • Encourage 20 seconds of hand washing before and/or after eating, sneezing, coughing or using the bathroom. Wash hands when you enter the house after being out.

  • For caregivers that have to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, wear a mask and avoid touching your face while you are away. Use hand sanitizer frequently to clean hands. When you return, wash hands and all door knobs touched once you enter the house.  Leave packages outside and clean each item that you bring in the house. Wash your hands AGAIN after putting items away.

  • For caregivers that must leave the house to work, wear a mask avoid touching your face.  Use hand sanitizer frequently. Upon returning home, wash your hands.  Wipe down any doorknobs you may have touched. Put all of your clothes immediately in the washer and run on "hot."  Shower.  Do all of this BEFORE you touch any of your loved ones.

  • Have enough supplies of food, medicines and other necessities to last two weeks in case your family needs to quarantine.

  • Remember that ALL children are at risk for seasonal flu infection which is still present in our community.  Hospitals will be very busy and flu cases add to the burden on the medical system.  If your child has not received a flu vaccine, call our office right away to schedule a vaccine visit.

  • CDC info on protecting yourself and your family.


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