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Our Services


  • Well care and sick visits for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.


  • Same day care for sick visits, injuries, or other urgent problems.  

  • Medical advice available after-hours, weekends, and holidays for phone consultation about urgent matters.​


  • Saturday morning visits for urgent matters.  Call between 7am-10am to consult with the on-call doctor about possible need for urgent weekend appointment.

  • Experienced and caring nursing support

  • Knowledgable and courteous scheduling and billing staff

  • Interpreter services available as needed, including ASL

Well Child Visits​​

Well child care is the heart and soul of pediatrics. These visits consist of measuring and weighing children to assess growth, screening for appropriate behavior and development, reviewing safety standards for each age, and addressing patient and parental concerns or questions. At every visit, your doctor will help optimize your child's health by reviewing healthy eating, exercise and sleep habits. Your pediatrician will discuss school achievement, social success, and family rapport.  Each visit includes a review of vaccination status and counseling about vaccines.  Parents will also be educated with anticipatory guidance about expected upcoming milestones.  

Teenagers will spend a portion of the visit one-on-one with their doctor. This gives teens a chance to ask personal questions and to allow their doctor to offer guidance on teen-appropriate topics such as smoking, drugs, sex, depression, dating violence and safe driving.


Well child visits are usually scheduled well in advance with your child's primary care provider.  Continuity is the key to a successful relationship between your child and their pediatrician.

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Urgent & After Hours Care


Medical professionals are available for urgent problems any time the office is closed. Patients should call our main number (781) 891-3706 and our answering service will assist in paging the on-call doctor or nurse. After hour calls should be limited to urgent concerns that cannot wait until the next business day.


We are available for Saturday visits on an as needed basis.  Please call between 7:30am - 10am to consult with the on-call doctor who will help determine if your child needs to be seen urgently.


Immunizations & Prescriptions


Our doctors follow the immunization guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our families. Therefore, we do not accept families that choose not to vaccinate their children. Please see our vaccine policy for details and schedules. 


  • We require all prescription refills to be requested three business days in advance. Prescriptions will not be filled in the evening or on a weekend.

  • Antibiotic overuse is a growing concern; it is important to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections before treating with an antibiotic. Therefore, we do not call in prescriptions for antibiotics. Your child must be seen in our office first.   

ADHD Services


We offer ADHD care in our office.  All of our providers are experienced in how to diagnose and treat ADHD.  

Unfortunately, there is no simple test (like a blood test) to determine whether someone has ADHD.  Accurate diagnosis can only be made by a trained professional through a thorough evaluation. A comprehensive assessment requires feedback from parents and teachers. These evaluations should rule out other possible causes for the symptoms experienced by the patient. The evaluation may include questionnaires and/or tests of cognitive abilities. Appropriate care will always require continuous follow up with patients, parents, and teachers.


If patients have complicated ADHD, we can help you find the appropriate psychiatric care to provide you optimal care.

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Outpatient Referrals & Affiliations

Sometimes our patients need specialty care.  We happily refer to doctors at all of the major Boston hospitals and many local specialty practices. Your health insurance coverage may determine what specialists your child can see. 
Not all emergency rooms are equipped to care for children.  We recommend the following hospitals with dedicated pediatric emergency care:
  • Newton Wellsley Hospital
  • Winchester Hospital 
  • Boston Childrens Hospital
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Tufts Floating Hospital for Children
  • Boston Medical Center
If your child needs to be seen in an Urgent Care Clinic, we recommend:
  • PM Pediatrics, 716 Providence Hwy, Dedham
  • PM Pediatrics, 99 Commerce Way, Woburn