Given the unprecedented nature of the current coronavirus pandemic, we are using TELEMEDICINE to help families manage medical problems that arise.  By using technology, we can "visit" via video in a way that protects patient privacy but allows us to provide high quality medical care, all while you stay safely at home.  If your child is having a medical issue, please call our office!  


We think that you will find this easy and convenient. 

  • Any weekday, simply call the office and tell the staff that you would like to schedule a telemedicine appointment.

  • The staff will take your smartphone number and email address.

  • You will be given an appointment time. 

  • A doctor will contact you by text or email with a link to a virtual "waiting room" when it is time for your appointment. 

  • Once you are in the waiting room, the doctor can connect with you.

Hints to make the best of your telemedicine appointment:

  • Before the appointment, make sure your device's camera and microphone are working and that your device is charged.

  • If you have any specific questions, you may want to write them down.

  • Consider your child's chronic conditions -- if you need to update the doctor or request refills of medications, prepare to do that during the appointment.

  • Make sure your child is available for the appointment. The doctor will likely want to speak with your child and do a virtual exam.

  • If you have a scale and thermometer at home, take your child's weight and temperature before the appointment.

  • Find a quiet and bright place to sit.  Near a window is often a good spot.

  • Close any other applications running on your device.  This will help the video stream better.

  • Check your phone or email for a message around the time of your appointment.


Your visit will be billed directly to your insurance.  Co-pays may apply as they would for an in-office visit.

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